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Catherine Massin (performance/visual art/writing – Brussel Belgium) While finishing her studies at the Sorbonne (Paris), the French-born Catherine Massin joined as young actress the theatre Labyrinth (1974-1978). She received training in contemporary dance in France and in the USA. Between 1983-1996, she worked as a dancer, choreographer and movement pedagogue in Belgium., her dancecompany created pieces of innovative movement theatre, performed in Europe. From the 90’s, she created choreographies for the students of the Hoge School voor Dans in Antwerpen. Later on, she collaborated with musicians of NASMA group(contemporary music from the XXth century) and started to experiment the expressive possibilities of oil or acrylpainting using the movement of the hand. From 2000 she worked in improvisation joining the performance collective “les Bains Connective”based in Brussel. She created video installations and experimented with body language (improvisation around moving , talking and writing). With Pierre Rubio, she performed in Europe ”Conversations”, improvisation score using physical and verbal languages, she collaborated with the writer An Penders and collaborated with Pierre de Lune Association, mixing dance with painting.. At the same time, she taught children creative dance and finished her studies in clinical psychology. Currently, she pursues these artistic meetings . “I have always been interested in the physical expressions of emotions. I used photography, paintings and videos in my choreographies, evolving into new tools to express instinct, emotion and intellect encountering new faces, new places, playing with I , you , we , he , she , it , they , touch , say , move , remember , see , articulate , feel , poetry , dance , feeling, anatomy , image , thoughts , personal history , not personal history.

I  touch   








he remember          anatomy







    they       feel 

personal   history

not personal  history 

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